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The Task Table shows Mary's tasks, matching the conditions selected earlier, listed in a table much like a spreadsheet or to-do list.

In our case study, Mary wants to view her tasks sorted by ETA, their due date. She can use the tiny arrow Up Arrow Icon to the left of the ETA column header. She can also:

  • sort by any other column header
  • print the task table as a to-do list using the printer icon Printer Icon
  • check the Total of the Hours column to see how much time all the tasks will take
  • pass her mouse over the task name for a quick task summary

If Mary wishes to see a task beyond the pop-up summary, she can get a complete task display by clicking on either the task name (Job Application Form) or the eye icon Eye Icon.

Let's say in the middle of this, Mary forgets what her selection conditions were for the tasks on her list. As soon as Mary's mouse cursor Mouse cursor hand gets over the Select menu choice, a small pop-up table shows her all her task selection conditions.

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