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Every single field on every form, in fact every page, has a pop-up help link.

At the top-right of each page is a help icon Help Icon providing summary help for the page or form it is on, along with usage tips, application suggestions, etc. Always start a first visit to a page with that.

Task Meister pages are so full of links that we decided to make them blue instead of underline them all (or the pages would look like lined paper). Click on any such field name and see a pop-up help screen as shown for the "Created By" field below.

All this help is provided by another web service Bizware built called HelpMeister. Following the cursor in the demo below shows how HelpMeister provides a keyword index to find help information, like at the back of a textbook, as well as a text search function. The "Manual" button brings up Task Meister's User Manual, which you can print.

We also have versions of help available in different languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian) and different levels of proficiency (Beginner, Standard, Advanced).

This concludes the baseline tutorial. Task Meister has many more features you'll learn by just using the tool and the other tutorials. For advanced users, explore Task Meister's security features, and its options to integrate into your accounting software, project management spreadsheets, MS Outlook, etc.

Although you can close this browser to return to Task Meister now, you can instead just switch to Task Meister, and refer back to the Tutorial Demo as you learn to use it.

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